HomilyChart is the Milestone of the High-tech Information Analysis System application in the Stock Market Field. This is a promise given by us to provide the good service to you. And it stands for Homily’s spirit and attitude which let us try our best to create a bright future of the service in the stock market field. Homily established the 1st Overseas company in 2009 and become one of the best Stock Market Analysis Information Service provider. In order to let our clients to review the real time data and get the technical analysis immediately, we invented and released an App named HomilyChart in January 2013. HomilyChart is the not comparable right side trading system which open the new times of technical analysis in mobile device. HomilyChart become the cutting-edge of the stock market analysis field.

How do you choose bull shares around more than thousand shares? How much can you earn in the market with billions of profit inside? Invest needs professional analysis tools – HomilyChart: It perfectly combines with market wisdom and leading edge technology, 7 unique indicators, 9 sectors can help you analysis and decide, provide financial information and technical training to give you more profit in market. Homily Position directly marks the opening and closing position in shares, clearly to tell increase or cut loss, let you held band in bull shares easily. Red and Write Circle let your operation simpleness, buy in at red circle and white circle to sell out, hold stock when red circle keep showing and hold money when white circle keep showing. Accurate in short term operation, easy to keep profit. Homily Rainbow has its unique dark horse chart, from the birth of dark horse to horse flying, medium to long term operation help get more profit. Market Traffic Light, include all the strong stocks. The powerful Multicolor Dragon, Multicolor Dragon-x can help you latch the dragon head, observe the trajectory of bankers operation, master the trend of bankers money; trend latter, powerful tool to determine trend, combines short term and band operation together, suitable for all kinds of investors, the problem of keep the trend is readily solved.

For now, Homily’s products are over PC, HP and Pad, three types of mobile devices. Homily try our best to provide the simple, safe and efficient stock analysis service to our client. And it is and will always be our unchanging goal.

The Diagnose and Financial Expert will answer you all the question about your investment; Stock trading championship competition and the Follow the expert trading the bull shares on line class will lead you to success.

Stock Market like our real life. We should not waste our life in the mediocre and poverty. Homily will be and always be the your guiding light of stock market trading and lead you to the entrance of fortune.