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Welcome to HomilyChart

Welcome to HomilyChart

HomilyChart is a company focusing on investment software used in financial market. It offers international and comprehensive financial service to more than 100,000 top-quality clients. Its business covers the development of financial tools, the investment research and training, the release of investment publication, etc.

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高维交易 -- 量价时空四维预测术

带你了解一套弘历 “ 量价时空四维预测术 ” 的全新理念,畅享一次全新的投资盛宴!

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Featured Function Indicators

Multicolor Dragon (MCD)

Red bars represent Big Boy;
Yellow Bar represent Hot Money;
Green Bar represent Retail Investor

Trend Expert (TE)

Thicker indicate medium and long-term trends
Bars indicate short term trend
The six dashed lines represent the auxiliary lines

Deviation Expert (DE)

Deviation Expert can reflect the increase & decrease of money, and the broken lines can reflect the strength of the increase & decrease of money.

Bull & Bear Expert (BBE)

Based on the principle above, BBE can do analysis and judgment through the changes of the color & direction of the red long band & green short band.

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2023年最大的机遇,量价时空四维预测术 专题讲座,从2022年12月24日感恩节正式启动,到2023年12月31日正式结束,专题分为五季!

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